Increasingly Strict Law Enforcement in IP Protection in China

Recently, General Administration of Customs of PRC published ten typical cases regarding infringement of trademark rights, proudly to say, two of which were represented by our law firm. The publication of these cases is a signal of enhancing trademark protection by China’s government, not only for domestic brands, but also for foreign brands.
Trademark protection, however, [...]

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A MOVEABLE FEAST – essentials every foreign business must know to succeed in the Chinese food Market

In the States, you can buy Chinese food. In Beijing you can buy hamburger. It’s very close. Now I feel the world become a big family, like a really big family. You have many neighbors. Not like before, two countries are far away. – Jet Li
If you’ve ever thought about opening a food import company [...]

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Specialized IP Courts in China – Not Something New

We have noticed that some people in the legal field are having a hot discussion on China’s Specialized IP Courts in China. In fact this is not something new. China has had specialized IP tribunals for more than a decade.  What is relatively new is the specialized tribunals for administrative cases regarding intellectual property rights.
On [...]

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Innovation, IP to be core element of China’s economic growth

Beijing, China –November 27, 2010
Innovation and the resulting intellectual property (IP) will increasingly serve as a core element of China’s economic development, a law expert said here Tuesday. “Innovation and IP will play a key role to reform China’s science and technology research and development,” Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing [...]

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Intellectual Property Protection by Chinese Courts in 2009

The People’s Courts are the State judicial authority for intellectual property (IP) protection, which independently exercise adjudicative powers according to the Constitution and the law.
China’s reform and opening-up (gaige kaifang) has spurred the development of intellectual property since the late 1970s and early 1980s. Being a national and Party priority, and buttressed by strong social support and [...]

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An Overview of Article 2 of the PRC Patent Law

Recently many patent applications have been rejected for failing to fall into the category of subject matters as provided by Paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the PRC Patent Law. The PRC Patent Law defines invention as, “any new technical solution relating to a product, a process, or improvement thereof.” Thus, in order to determine [...]

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