Getting a foot in the door

Despite having a slowing economy, China’s economic growth is still exceeding that of many Western Countries. Slowing economies have had adverse effects on the legal industries within those countries and now many lawyers and firms are looking to China for growth and development opportunities.
However, things in life are rarely simple. One can’t just move to [...]

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Hong Kong SFC Released Consultation Paper on Regulatory Oversight of Credit Rating Agencies

On July 19th 2010, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) published Consultation Paper Concerning the Regulatory Oversight of Credit Rating Agencies (“Consultation Paper”), setting out its proposed regulatory regime to license and supervise the activities of credit rating agencies (“CRAs”) in Hong Kong. The consultation period will be end on August 20 and [...]

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Asian ETF Market Optimism

At the close of 2009, forty-four Asian exchange-traded funds (“ETF”) were listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. In the first five months of 2010, this number has grown to sixty-two, an increase of over thirty percent. This drastic increase is representative of the robust momentum and growth potential of the ETF market. Factors [...]

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