Lehman Speaks on CCTV Program About New Anti-Corruption Laws in China

Edward Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu, appeared as a guest speaker in the Dialogue program on CCTV-9 on July 20th to discuss new anti-corruption measures implemented by the Chinese government.  Mr. Lehman appeared on the program along with Dr. Victor Gao, a current affairs commentator who used to work as the interpreter to [...]

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Audit Law Regulations Prove to be New Weapon Against Corruption

Alexander Pan, February 25, 2010
Beijing, China
In yet another effort to curtail the problem of widespread corruption in China, The State Council recently passed new regulations on the implementation of audit law. These new regulations will do much to strengthen the country’s auditing system and will increase the supervision of areas that have demonstrated high levels [...]

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