Regulation Needed for Bidding of Baidu

Bidding of Baidu has recently been bitterly condemned, especially after the death of Wei Zexi, who was cheated by an irresponsible hospital whose ads are listed on the top of the searching engine of Baidu.
The so called bidding refers to that you can pay a competitive price to make your information (most are ads) on [...]

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Increasingly Strict Law Enforcement in IP Protection in China

Recently, General Administration of Customs of PRC published ten typical cases regarding infringement of trademark rights, proudly to say, two of which were represented by our law firm. The publication of these cases is a signal of enhancing trademark protection by China’s government, not only for domestic brands, but also for foreign brands.
Trademark protection, however, [...]

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Trends in China Trademark Law

A trademark is an important distinguishing tool that a company can utilize to generate its own unique following and identity. Companies spend millions to promote and protect the trademarks they develop. For this very reason trademark laws are an important area of law that ensures that the intellectual property of a company is secured and [...]

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questions and answers on the public litigation

Q&A on the Public Interest Litigation Filed by Procuratorial Organ

What is the newest regulation on this matter?
The newest regulation on this matter is the Pilot Program for Procuratorial Organ Filing Public Interest Litigation. This regulation was enacted in July 2nd, 2015, constituted by the Supreme Procuratorate subject to the approval of the standing committee of [...]

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Trademarks, pretty things and fair competition.

Trademarks, pretty things and fair competition.
The issue of aesthetic functionality came up in a recent project, therefore it seems fitting to discuss it.
In the USA there is something called the functionality doctrine, which protects specific features of products by way of trademark laws. This idea is a balancing act that some American Courts must perform [...]

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Getting a foot in the door

Despite having a slowing economy, China’s economic growth is still exceeding that of many Western Countries. Slowing economies have had adverse effects on the legal industries within those countries and now many lawyers and firms are looking to China for growth and development opportunities.
However, things in life are rarely simple. One can’t just move to [...]

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A MOVEABLE FEAST – essentials every foreign business must know to succeed in the Chinese food Market

In the States, you can buy Chinese food. In Beijing you can buy hamburger. It’s very close. Now I feel the world become a big family, like a really big family. You have many neighbors. Not like before, two countries are far away. – Jet Li
If you’ve ever thought about opening a food import company [...]

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China Worker Safety and Health Laws

There are several laws promoting occupational safety in the People’s Republic of China, which will continue to increase in importance along with worker education and expectations. Employees and employers should be aware of their rights and obligations under these laws. Foreign companies should be especially aware of these regulations and the expectations they place on [...]

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Chinese regulations regarding to Asset management service

Two regulations have been introduced for asset management service for clients of fund management companies: Trial Measures for Fund Management Companies’ Asset Management Services for Designated Clients and Guidelines on the Content and Format of Asset Management Contracts of Fund Management Companies for Single Clients (revised in 2011).
Qualification requirements for fund management companies applying to [...]

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Administrative Measures has been amended on Material Asset Reorganization of Listed Companies

China Administrative Measures for Material Asset Reorganization of Listed Companies (the “Measures”) has been amended by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).
Any reorganization subject asset in the context of back-door listing should meet, among other things, particular financial standards and existence term requirement and it also require that any company intended for back-door listing should be [...]

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