Increasingly Strict Law Enforcement in IP Protection in China

Recently, General Administration of Customs of PRC published ten typical cases regarding infringement of trademark rights, proudly to say, two of which were represented by our law firm. The publication of these cases is a signal of enhancing trademark protection by China’s government, not only for domestic brands, but also for foreign brands.
Trademark protection, however, [...]

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Benefits of Beijing Hukou

1 The people who have a Beijing Hukou is qualified to buy 2 houses in Beijing.(Out-of-town people can only buy 1 house if you have five-year tax certificate in Beijing)
2 The out-of-town people who have five-year tax certificate in Beijing are qualified to buy cars, however the people who have Beijing Hukou have no restriction.
3 [...]

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Beijing’s big plans

In order to elevate Beijing’s status and align itself with international cities such as New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, local authorities are looking at how to tackle and address problems that are halting Beijing from rising to such levels.
Issues highlighted as affecting Beijing’s future development include rubbish disposal, restrictions on traffic, overpopulation [...]

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