Software Copyright Registration Application – Procedure and Main Points

If you’re managing a company with software copyrights and have not registered them in China, have you thought of what you will do if your software is copied by a competitor? It takes nearly one year and one-half for the application process. The application process is necessary before even a basic cease and desist letter can be deployed. What are you waiting for? Perhaps you’re having a difficult time communicating with your current law firm professionals?

Before you move forward, take the time to understand the documents to prepare when applying for the registration of software copyrights. You will need authentication materials for General Submissions which include submitting source code and documents which contain the first and last 30 pages in their entirety or all the pages if there are less than 60 pages in total. The format requirements ask that the “version” be written in either of the two standard forms—i.e. V1.0 or 1.0. Submission Exceptions include acceptable exceptions of software authentication materials submission in Article 12 the Measures for the Registration of Computer Software. In addition, source code and documents should include the relevant software name and version in the header, the top right-hand corner should numbered, and each page of the source code should contain no less than 50 lines, while the documents should contain no less than 30 lines.

If you need assistance to register software copyrights in China, please contact our copyright department directly at an office near you. If you would like more details on the following topics, please email Blaine at

Software Copyright Registration Application Form

Software Name (Abbreviation; Digital Object Identifier (DOI); Version)

Software Description

Development Completion Date

Publishing Situation

Method of Development (Single Development; Cooperative Development; Commissioned Development; Assigned Duty Development)

Copyright Holder (Individual; Company; Enterprises, government organs, organizations, and groups; Other organizations; The subsidiaries of organizations with legal person status should submit a business license, social group registration certificate)

Rights Description (Transfer; Inherit; Receive)

Scope of Right (Full Rights; Partial Rights)

Software Authentication Materials

Submission Exception

Main Function and Technical Characteristics

Applicants Information

Agent Information (Power of Attorney; The detailed information of the Agent)

Applicant’s Signature and Chop

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