Online Job Posting Rules for China Companies

There is an endless stream of job opportunities posted online by recruiting websites, human resources people, employers and other sometimes unknown sources. Among the large quantity of recruiting information and job advertisements placed online, a growing number are found to have included false and fake information designed to attract the attention of job seekers.

In an effort to manage and control the human resources market, and provide a better and fair environment for job seekers, the China Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a new notice on strengthening the administration of recruitment information.

The new notice lays out requirements regarding periodic and unscheduled inspections of recruitment information posted by employer or human resource agents on any platform. It is emphasized that the job posting entity or platform shall bear responsibility of reviewing the authenticity and legitimacy of the information and verifying the real names of employers and publishers which posted the recruiting information.

As reported by the New York Times, many websites, such as LinkedIn, have shut down the individual job-posting function on their online platforms under official scrutiny, as the authenticity of those individual posters was not verified or proved.

Foreign companies doing business in China should be aware of these job posting requirements, and be prepared to submit background information on the company as part of any online job search function in China.

Published by Crys Zheng on November 29th, 2017 tagged China News

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