One Belt One Road: connecting China and European Legal Firms

On November 7, 2017, we were pleased to have a meeting with the managing partner, Dr. Rafal Nawrot, of Russell Bedford Poland discussing strategic tax planning services, corporate compliance, international dispute settlement and litigation procedures in both China and Poland, as well as bilateral agreements as to civil and criminal judicial assistance between the two countries and the avoidance of double taxation. Under One Belt One Road Initiative (BRI), promoted by the Chinese government, there are many international projects and business opportunities emerging throughout central Asia. Many small or medium sized enterprises in Poland seek new opportunities for cooperation with Chinese partners pursuing projects on along the BRI.

Since 2013, president Xi Jinping, initiated the BRI to promote development of a modern network of railways, roads, pipelines and utility grids designed to increase infrastructure and trade integration between China and Central Asia, West Asia, and parts of South Asia. In 2015, Chinese central government issued the action plans for the BRI in order to promote the economic cooperation, including policy coordination, trade and financing collaboration, and social and cultural cooperation throughout the BRI’s continental and maritime branches.

As the BRI continues, our law firm is currently dealing with many clients coming from the countries covered by the BRI, while we also welcome the cooperation with worldwide law firms to better serve client’s around the world.

Published by Crys Zheng on November 15th, 2017 tagged China News

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