National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2012) Issued

Beijing, China –December 13, 2010

The State Intellectual Property Office recently issued the National Patent Development Strategy (2011-2020) (“the Patent Strategy”) which is the further deepening and refinement of the patent-related part in the Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy. The Patent Strategy, with emphasis on the improvement of the patent system and other strategy matters, specifies major measures in twelve (12) aspects. In accordance with the Patent Strategy, the support policies for patent service in finance, taxation and other areas shall be actively promoted to be established, social forces shall be encouraged to participate in the commercial patent information service, the insurance system for patent agent practice shall be researched and established, the restriction on the practice of patent agents shall be promoted to be resolved and enterprises shall, through favourable policies in taxation and other areas, be encouraged to produce high value-added products with key patent rights and be promoted to change their development ways. 

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