CPC SESSION INSIGHTS-Political Policies are Critical for Doing Business in China

As experienced China Lawyers, we believe that it is not enough to just be a lawyer. We must also be aware of the political policies, the business environment and economic climate around us to enable us to better practice law, and to be of assistance in gradually improving and perfecting the legal system. The firm’s Managing Director, Mr. Edward Lehman, as the legal commentator for China’s CCTV network, has been invited to do the Dialogue Show for CCTVNEWS for several years. The most recent show on CCTV dealt with the contents and the effects implied by the Sixth Plenary Session held at the end of October this year.

The Plenary Session highlights the power and policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) regarding the implementation of the strategic roadmap to restoring the Party’s vitality and the conduct of Party members. At the recent session, two regulations, The Guidelines on the Political Life of the Party in the New Situation and The Intra-Party Supervision Regulations were deliberated and adopted to strengthen discipline and intra-Party supervision.

The Plenary Session also pointed out that the ongoing Anti-corruption policy of the CPC should be carried out from the highest level officials to the lowest level of officials. President Xi Jinping has been declared as the Party’s “core” due to his determination and resolution on anti-corruption and rebuilding the Party’s conduct as demonstrated many times and on several formal occasions. President Xi represents the strongest leadership of the Party which is able to guide the party to establish a highly institutionalized and systematic Party in order to better serve all elements of Chinese society, especially during the recent transitional period in the country.

Along with deep refinements required for reforming the Party’s internal behavior and the widespread anti-corruption movements, looking forward, the party expects a process of “blood-transfusion”. The internal Party reconstruction and reform aims to eliminate corruption among officials of all levels as well as alerting others to be self-disciplined. The movement is expected to improve China’s internal political environment and to improve its international image.

When we act for our clients, we must be aware of changes made to political policies, especially in some cases where the officials or government organs are involved, we often inform our clients of the latest policies and guide them in managing government relations, because any change of policies will inevitably affect certain aspects of business practices in China. A good relationship with government relations would benefit a company a lot. In order to become a strong and powerful enterprise, it is critical to have experienced China lawyers as coaches to give you a hint on the latest policies and advise you the best ways to building and maintaining positive relations with the local government.

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