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Hong Kong’s efforts to successfully control the coronavirus pandemic relied on assistance from mainland PRC, including the central government’s pledge to reserve a certain amount of vaccines developed or produced on the mainland for use by Hong Kong people when necessary.
Lam declared a universal community testing scheme – similar to the one seen in September [...]

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In Hong Kong, Chief Executive Lam said one of the urgent priorities is to restore constitutional order. To this end the local government will introduce a bill to enhance oath-taking by civil servants and conduct widespread public education to enhance the understanding of the rule of law.

Lam spoke at length about prioritizing “moral [...]

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Chief Executive Lam praised the LanTau Island plan to build vast artificial islands, estimated to cost at least $624 billion Hong Kong dollars ($80.51 billion), which will be the city’s most expensive infrastructure project to date.
The plan envisions building up to 400,000 housing units across 1,700 hectares of reclaimed land between Lantau island where the [...]

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