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When A China Employee is Injured on the Way to Work, is it a Work-Related Injury?

These days, in the coldest days of year, most area of China are snowing. This morning, our China lawyers was called into a client’s office for a meeting. Over the course of the meeting the question was raised by an employee of our client’s China company, stemming from a casual comment about the weather.
The employ [...]

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Revised SME Promotion Law to Reduce Tax Burdens of and Enhance Financing to Enterprises

SME Promotion Law of China (“Promotion Law”) was promulgated in 2003 aiming to improve the operation conditions of Small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, due to lack of clear rules the enforceability has been an issue.
SMEs are making up 99.6% of all registered companies in China, contributing around 60% of the GDP and 70% of [...]

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The First Public Library Law Comes into Effect in China

When it comes to January 1st of each year in China, there are normally many new laws and regulations came into effect, which are direct measures of the government is taking to better solve many social problems and improve people’s livelihood . This year, one noticeable among many new enacted laws and regulations is the [...]

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New Food Safety Regulations Hit the China Delivery Sector

China is taking on the powerful food takeout and delivery business. New regulations recently issued aim to improve the safety of takeout and delivery food, which is a major business in China’s large cities.  The regulation requires that any business offering a food preparation and delivery service must maintain a real restaurant wit a physical [...]

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China Improves Quality of Life with New Green Tax

China’s “green tax law comes into effect this month. The law is considered a major landmark in China environmental law and protection.
The new environmental protection tax will replace an older pollutant discharge fee. This fee has been on the books since 1979, however there has been a history of uneven enforcement and evasion in some [...]

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China to Open Financial Sector to Foreign Banks

Our China lawyers work with many foreign clients seeking to establish a banking or financial entity in China. We are always happy to help these clients, but must let them know up front that this is a rather complicated and difficult process. Further, we find that foreign investors encounter substantial difficulties when seeking to participate [...]

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