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CFDA Aims for Greater Control Over Where Pharmaceutical Drugs are Produced

Our China lawyers frequently work with global pharmaceutical and health food companies, to develop and implement their China manufacturing, distribution systems, intellectual property protection, and other legal issues. An issue these companies encounter often in China is that due to business realities of the company, they find it necessary to relocate or move production of [...]

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Discuss Qualcomms lawsuit against Apple

Mr Edward Lehman appears on CGTN to discuss Qualcomms lawsuit against Apple
Mr. Edward Lehman was featured as a guest on the China Global Television Networks program this past Monday (Oct 16, 2017). This broadcast was centred on the ongoing legal dispute between Qualcomm and Apple, in which Qualcomm claims that Apple is making use [...]

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Confessions of a Cryptocurrency China Lawyer: People’s Bank on future of ICO’s is the sky falling? I think not.

As a China based lawyer (and an occasional business man) who has been advising on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO’s related to all aspects of China business, I was personally pleased by the announcement the People’s Bank of China recently its decision to introduce a halt on ICOs, a move that sent what I believe can [...]

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