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New China Supreme Court Rule Provides Legal Avenue for Addressing Irregularities in Corporate Decision Making Process

On August 5, 2017, the Supreme People’s Court issued its 4th edition of Provisions concerning the application of the Company Law by people’ courts. The new provisions address several issues including the validity of company resolutions, shareholder’s right to know, right to distributions of profits, preferential rights to purchase shares, and shareholder’s derivative actions. The [...]

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A China Company by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet Co. Ltd.

Some clients want to establish a company in China with a very unique or attractive name designed to attract customers’ attention. This practice has been viable in the past, but going forward this approach might encounter some problems.
In general, the name of a company should be decent and formal. As China lawyers, a common practice [...]

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Selling Your Products in China: The Franchise Model

We have had many clients ask our China lawyers to recommend the best way to sale their products on the China market, while avoiding large capital investments and the time and costs of establishing a market presence and recruiting and training an effective work force. These clients simply want to sell their product in China [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Debt Collection in China

Debt collection in China can be messy and costly. However, at some point almost every business owner operating in China or foreign businesses dealing with China will need to deal with unpaid accounts. Fortunately, our China lawyers know all the steps which can be taken in accordance with Chinese laws, policies, and regulations that may [...]

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