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China Focuses on Robotics

On May 8, 2015, the State Council promulgated the Notice of Chinese Manufacturing 2025 (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). This was the first ten-year plan for the strategic promotion of development in the manufacturing industry throughout China. The Notice makes clear that the manufacturing industry is the most important component of the domestic economy, [...]

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Criminal Methods of Protecting Trademarks in China

Criminal way may be the last method that trademark owners will think of for protecting their trademarks. Some people think the criminal procedure is hard to be initiated and focuses on punishment rather than compensation which the trademark owners want most. Those thoughts are right, in principle, but in some certain situations which one of [...]

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Wanna a Prize up to 300,000RMB? Try to Apply the Well-known Trademark of Shanghai Municipality

According to a notice issued by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce (Shanghai Municipal AIC), applications for recognition as a Well-known Trademark within Shanghai of 2016 started on April 1st. The annual meeting of the Shanghai Trademark Association was held on April 25th 2016. Of course Lehman Lee and Xu, as a long time [...]

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Best, fastest, most, greatest… Superlatives in China

March 24, a southern newspaper reported that because of the words “Hangzhou’s best fried snack shop” on bags for sugar coated chestnuts, the Xihu District Market Supervisory Authority decided that the advertisement violated the Chinese Advertising Law. The sugar coated chestnut shop’s boss was fined 元200,000. The punishment sparked controversy.
A common view is that such [...]

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IPHONE® is not always a “smartphone”

Now, being one of the well-known smartphones, iPhone possesses high market share in China. Almost everyone considers that as a trademark, “IPHONE” should particularly belong to Apple. However, a recent administrative judgment broke up Apple’s monopoly plan with regard to their ownership of “IPHONE” series trademarks.
On March 31, 2016, the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court [...]

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Regulation Needed for Bidding of Baidu

Bidding of Baidu has recently been bitterly condemned, especially after the death of Wei Zexi, who was cheated by an irresponsible hospital whose ads are listed on the top of the searching engine of Baidu.
The so called bidding refers to that you can pay a competitive price to make your information (most are ads) on [...]

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