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Increasingly Strict Law Enforcement in IP Protection in China

Recently, General Administration of Customs of PRC published ten typical cases regarding infringement of trademark rights, proudly to say, two of which were represented by our law firm. The publication of these cases is a signal of enhancing trademark protection by China’s government, not only for domestic brands, but also for foreign brands.
Trademark protection, however, [...]

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It’s that time again!

Lehman, Lee & Xu is proud to announce that in May this year the firm will be sending a delegation to the 138th INTA in Orlando, Florida.
In regards to the conference, Edward Lehman has the following to say:
Attending INTA is something that I have done every year since before I qualified as a lawyer. It [...]

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Criminal Responsibilities of Mental Patients In Criminal Cases

A criminal case occurred in Sichuan Normal University recently has been the focus of attention not only because an undergraduate has been killed by one of his roommate in a very cruel way, but also because the suspect’s mother claimed that her son has mental disease and used to commit suicide for twice, which according [...]

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Tips for Establishing a Foreign Owned Company in China

I am recently helping a client to establish a foreign owned corporation which manufactures and sells medical devices in Guangzhou. Things went smooth at first, but in the final step of AIC( Administration of Industry and Commerce) registration, I was really tortured by the rigid and unreasonable requirements of the department. That may sound ridiculers [...]

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Watch Out! Don’t Let Your Company Find Itself on the List of Abnormal Enterprises.

We have been doing a lot of due diligence work recently where we investigate a target company for corporate compliance issues. In one recent example, we found that a subsidiary of our target company had been put on the State Enterprise Credit Information Public System’s (Public Credit System, or PCS) list of Abnormally Operating Enterprises, [...]

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Patent Administrative Enforcement

Few days ago, I received the phone call from one of my long-term clients indicating that their sales department found out the counterfeited products using their design patent in the market again. Now, the counterfeited products have been sold nationwide through internet shops.
This is harsh news for me, because since the year of 2013, I [...]

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Special Campaign against Illegal Photocopying in University Copy Shops

I believe that a lot of people, just like me, has benefited from the small copy shops in college. We got a much cheaper copy of the textbooks and reference books compared with the original version, we could find the copy of a book out of print or which we were not able to borrow [...]

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A Faster Process for Trade Mark Examination

There is an old saying of describing bureaucracy of Chinese officials in departments which hold rights of issuing a certificate or approving something: difficult access, bad attitude and tortuous procedures. I used to be a prosecutor and now work for Lehman Lee & Xu Law firm, I have a more comprehensive knowledge and hatred for [...]

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No Gay Marriage in China

A case involving two gay men has caught the attention of the Chinese media. It reached a conclusion on Wednesday, when they lost their legal battle for the right to marry.
It was the first case of its kind in China and while homosexual acts are not illegal in China, same-sex marriages are not legally recognised. [...]

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IP Protection Reform a Hot Topic after the Two Sessions of 2016

As corporate attorney, it is common for us to attend meetings with clients to discuss new laws, regulations and policies which will affect the company’s business and operations. It is noteworthy that after the Two Sessions of 2016 (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference) many clients wanted to hear more about [...]

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