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China Worker Safety and Health Laws

There are several laws promoting occupational safety in the People’s Republic of China, which will continue to increase in importance along with worker education and expectations. Employees and employers should be aware of their rights and obligations under these laws. Foreign companies should be especially aware of these regulations and the expectations they place on [...]

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China Contracts That Work

There are three rules for making contracts enforceable in China:

Make the jurisdiction a China court.
Make the governing law Chinese law.
Make the governing language Chinese.

American companies routinely insist on contract provisions that effectively render their contracts unenforceable in China. By their [...]

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Lehman, Lee & Xu Awarded Top Tier IP Law Firm of the Year -China

Lehman, Lee & Xu is honored to accept the Top Tier IP Law Firm of the Year – China award presented by Acquisition International.
Lehman, Lee & Xu is unique in that it is the only nationwide China law firm that has been approved by China’s regulatory bodies to represent foreign applicants in filing and prosecuting patent [...]

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Lehman, Lee & Xu Cooperates with the International Trade Council (ITC)

Lehman, Lee & Xu, the third largest corporate and commercial law firm in China, has joined the ITC and has been asked to serve as legal counsel in relation to the recent ban by China of UK cheese imports. As part of this cooperation the firm will provide a Pro Bono report on the background [...]

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Lehman, Lee, and Xu awarded in 2014 Dealmakers Country Awards

Lehman, Lee, and Xu is pleased to be recognized and awarded for exceptional performance in a China law firm in The 2014 Dealmakers Country Awards.
The 2014 DealMakers Country Awards recognize a select number of leading professional firms across the globe for their individual areas of specialization. Mr. Edward Lehman is particularly proud of the recognition of the [...]

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FTZ arbitration rules published – China Establishes Arbitration Rules for Shanghai FTZ

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Arbitration Rules, which legal experts say are tailored for the FTZ and consistent with international standards, were published on Tuesday.
The rules, which consist of 10 chapters and 85 articles, include innovations that are brought into the country for the first time and are the outcome of giving full consideration [...]

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In cases of work accidents, where can someone present his/her demand? What is the system of compensations in case of work accidents?

All Employees should be covered by Industry Injury Insurance.
According to the Regulations on Industrial Injury Insurance, If there is a claim of an accident at work, the first step will be a verification that the accident is work related. After there is a confirmation that an accident is work related, there will be an appraisal [...]

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In cases of employment discrimination, where can someone present his or her situation or submit her or her complaint?

The Employment Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China governs employment discrimination issues in the hiring process, and contains several relevant provisions.
Article 3 provides that, “No worker seeking employment shall suffer discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, race, gender or religious belief.”
Article 26 requires employers and employment agencies to, “provide workers with equal employment [...]

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Xinhua Insight: New law invigorates China’s environmental NGOs

China’s new environment law encourages non-government organizations (NGOs) to file suit against environmental destruction, but enforcement and litigation costs remain grey areas.
The revised Environmental Protection Law adopted on Thursday takes effect on Jan. 1, 2015, and allows qualified NGOs to take legal action in environmental matters of public interest.
“It’s heartening news for us,” said Wen [...]

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