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LEHMAN, LEE & XU recognized in Asia Law & Practice’s “Asialaw Profiles 2014: The Guide to Asia-Pacific’s Leading Domestic Law Firms”

Having been associated with LEHMAN, LEE & XU for over 19 years, I am always proud when the firm is once more recognized for its excellence. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that LEHMAN, LEE & XU is a “highly recommended firm” in the 2014 edition of the prestigious publication, “Asialaw Profiles”.
This 18th edition of [...]

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Social Risks Assessments for Businesses in China

The New York Times ( published an article last year on November 12, 2012 that may have escaped the notice of many people about new developments in China that may one day affect how their business in that country can be conducted. This article was entitled, ‘Social Risk’ Test Ordered by China for Big Projects’ [...]

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Mongolia – Making a Comeback

After seeing its economy boom with investment money pouring in for several years, Mongolia’s leaders let the country get off the track and falter due to political infighting and some wrongheaded decisions about how to manage the country’s economy. Decisions made by Mongolian politicians and government officials created the perception, rightly or wrongly, that Mongolia [...]

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Language Bridges

Many people in the United States are fascinated with China.  I have had a fascination with China for over 35 years.  I studied China in high school and college and had the extreme good fortune of being able to make my first of many trips to Beijing in 1994.  My fascination with China has culminated [...]

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U.S. Drought, the World Food Supply, and China

Corn is a major staple in the diets of many people world-wide.  Now, because it is still recovering from the worst drought in 50 years in the corn producing mid-west region of the United States, the global corn supply is seriously threatened and looks to become even more in peril in the future. Some experts [...]

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Current, Model Chinese IPR Court Decisions

2013 has been an interesting year for watching developments in China’s courts concerning the ever increasing number of new IPR related cases Chinese judges are hearing and making decisions on.  Currently there is a movement to reform  Chinese IPR laws in the political wind, and this trend toward reform is making Chinese judges take notice [...]

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