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Business Startup Reforms on the Way

The State Council in China reportedly intends to do away with minimum capital requirements for starting up new companies, reports the “China Daily” newspaper in an article posted on its on-line website October 28, 2013.  The article was written by Wei Tian and Yu Ran and it is entitled “Requirements cut for business startups.” The [...]

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China Survival Tips; a crash course

For the uninitiated, life in China presents certain “little lessons” that one needs to take heed of and act accordingly.  The lessons to be learned in China can be encountered in one variation or another in cities all over the world. Every country presents foreigners with its own particular learning curve. Having said that, foreigners [...]

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Beating Counterfeiting in China

There was a very informative article posted on the on-line newsletter “Azila” website on October 18, 2013. The article is entitled, “Foreign Brands: Here’s A Better Strategy for Beating Chinese Counterfeiters in China”.  The article was written by Paolo Becancini and it presents detailed insight into the ways the massive on-line Taobao shopping site is [...]

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Chinese Courts and Social Media

It’s a classic case of “whoever would have thunk it?”  The old axiom, “truth is stranger than fiction” holds true now within the Chinese legal system.  Social media is gradually finding a role to play in the Chinese People’s courts, cracking open a window into the heretofore hidden world of Chinese jurisprudence. The “people” want [...]

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Cultural Gaps and Your Staff Meetings

Today the Linkedin website group, “Expats Working In China” shared an article that was posted by Abraham Sorock on the Atlas China Staffing Solutions website ( entitled, “Meetings: Part 1 – American Blabbermouths and Chinese Mutes.”  This article, written by Eliz Rowland, should be read by all American business leaders in China who want to [...]

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