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Specialized IP Courts in China – Not Something New

We have noticed that some people in the legal field are having a hot discussion on China’s Specialized IP Courts in China. In fact this is not something new. China has had specialized IP tribunals for more than a decade.  What is relatively new is the specialized tribunals for administrative cases regarding intellectual property rights.
On [...]

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Stop & keep calm

Have you ever received crazy email or encounter crazy circumstances like these?
A South American princess claims that she has a significant amount fortune needing to be handled urgent, and she falls into a difficult situation and needs your help, after resolving the issue, she will share half of the fortune to you……
OR the sender alleges [...]

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Financial Support for Small Technology-based Enterprises in China

There is a fund called Innovation Fund for Small Technology-based Firms which was established in China by the Ministry of Science and Technology at the national level in 1999. Every year about 4 billion RMB are provided to several thousand small technology-based firms in China. However, only Chinese companies will qualify for the fund. Therefore, foreign enterprises would need to “become a [...]

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The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline, 2011–2015

On Monday, March 14th, 2011, the Chinese government passed the Twelfth Five-Year Plan which seeks to: address rising inequality and create an environment for more sustainable growth by prioritizing more equitable wealth distribution, increased domestic consumption, and improved social infrastructure and social safety nets. The plan is representative of China’s efforts to rebalance its economy, [...]

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