Nokia Claims RMB10 Million In Damages Against Huaqin For Patent Infringement

Shanghai — August 20, 2011 — Nokia (the Claimant) filed a claim with the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court (the Court) against Shanghai Huaqin Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (the Defendant) for RMB10 million in damages on the ground that the Defendant had infringed the Claimant’s rights of a patented product, which was a telecommunications device equipped with a camera. The Court is currently hearing the case. According to Nokia, it filed a patent application on 4 June 1999 for a device, namely “telecommunications device equipped with a camera” (the Patented Device), which had been researched and developed by Nokia for itself. Nokia discovered that the Defendant on its website promoted a series of GSM and GPRS mobile phones, among which the Patented Device was used in a mobile phone model, L18 and concluded that its patent rights were infringed. The Defendant argued that the patent claimed by Nokia included a description that “the camera is fully covered when it is carried but remains unused. The “Enter” key is used for controlling the shutter and receiving phone calls”. However, the camera on L18 was just partially covered and the wireless section was combined with the keyboard. Therefore, there was no infringement. It is reported that the case will be concluded soon.

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