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Ed Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu, Nominated to Loyola Academy Athletic Hall of Fame

In a track and field discipline requiring speed, explosive power, exquisite timing, and delicate body control, only a few possess the physical gifts necessary to meet its demands. Elite high jumpers, faced with the challenge to leap over a bar several inches above their head, are rare performers indeed. Between 1976 and 1978, Edward E. Lehman proved one of the few and rare as he rewrote the Loyola record book in the high jump with a long string of glittering performances.

Lean and lanky, Ed looked the part. A three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and track, Ed possessed a natural athleticism that served him well as a multi-event performer on the track and in the field. He worked the sprints, the mile relay, and the long jump, but it was w the high jump that became the special province in which he established a record of consistent accomplishment unrivalled by any jumper in Loyola Academy track and field history.

In the esoteric world of high jumping, clearing a height of six feet is considered a benchmark that separates the pretenders from the contenders. Reaching it once in a high school career is a notable accomplishment. With each increment above the threshold, the list of achievers grows even smaller. As a high jumper of remarkable consistency, Ed leapt over the six-foot barrier an amazing twenty-two times in his career. He cleared 6¡¯4¡± four times, topped only by his indoor record of 6¡¯5¡±, a mark that still stands today. Ed left Loyola the owner of ten of its top thirteen high jump performances ever, including what were then the top five all-time Loyola jumps. His most dramatic moment came in the 1978 Catholic League Indoor Championship meet at the University of Chicago. With the title on the line between Loyola and Brother Rice, and with the high jump the lone event remaining, Ed decided the meet with a victorious 6¡¯3¡± leap to nail down the title for Loyola and to secure Loyola Academy¡¯s 100th CCL championship in all sports. In three years of varsity competition, Ed finished in the top three of CCL high jump six straight times in three years, indoors and outdoors, and twice qualified for the state finals.

Upon graduation from Loyola, Ed headed to DePauw University, where he lettered four years on the Tigers¡¯ track team, competing in the high jump, long jump, 400-meters, and the 1600-meter relay. After earning his bachelor of science from DePauw in 1982, he attended law school at the University of Notre Dame and then Loyola University, earning his degree from Loyola in 1985. Not long after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, Ed journeyed to Beijing, where he served as a corporate attorney with an American firm. On June 4, 1989, amid the chaos and uncertainty of Tianamen Square, Ed¡¯s life suddenly changed. When ordered by his firm to leave the country for Hong Kong because the firm could no longer guarantee his safety, Ed refused to leave the mainland, the only foreign attorney who chose to remain behind. Dismissed by his firm for insurance reasons, Ed continued practicing law for a Chinese state-run firm. With the reintroduction of private law firms to the country in 1992, Ed and his partners founded Lehman, Lee & Xu, the eighth private law firm to be founded in the People¡¯s Republic of China and the first Chinese law firm ever to be managed by a foreign national. He remains the longest serving managing director of any Chinese law firm. Ed resides with his family in Beijing.

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Lehman, Lee & Xu Will Join Two Associations in China

Qian Zhou, November 26,2009, Beijing, China

Lehman, Lee & Xu is invited to join the two important associations: the China Association of Trade in Services and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.

The China Association of Trade in Services (CATIS) is a national non-profit social body established under the approval of the State Council, governed by the Ministry of Commerce and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its aims are to abide by the development strategy of China service industries and trade in services, integrate resources and build a national platform for the coordination and promotion of trade in services; assist the Government in formulating and perfecting the legislation system of trade in services; promulgate the China service brands worldwide and enhance the international influence of China¡¯s services. To learn more about the association, please visit http://www.catis.org.cn/english/english/company.asp.

The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association focuses on China petroleum and chemical industry and the Asia-Pacific petrochemical market as well. It has an online publication CPCI, which is the network information department under CNCET (China National Chemical Economic & Technical Development Center).Further information at http://www.cpcia.org.cn/English/.
Lehman, Lee & Xu has provided counsel to many associations like the Foreign Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry Association (FRPIA), the Foreign Health Industry Manufacturer's Association, the Foreign Chemical Manufacturer's Association, the China International Franchisers Association (CIFA), and the China Chainstore and Franchise Association (CCFA). This time Lehman, Lee & Xu is invited to join the China Association of Trade in Services and the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and they will cooperate in Anti-trust project and other areas.

Lehman, Lee & Xu, established in 1992, is one of the largest and most prominent law firms in China.The firm has more than 200 lawyers in offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, along with foreign branch offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and Chicago. All of the lawyers have vast experience in working with international or foreign law firms, and have been practicing law since the re-establishment of China's legal profession. To learn more about the firm, please visit http://www.lehmanlaw.com/....

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Reading the Sino-US Joint Statement

Yue Liu£¬ Nov. 19, 2009, Beijing

The visiting of American President Barack Obama to China brought a warm front to the China-U.S. relationship. The Chinese Premier Hu Jintao and the American President issued a Sino-US Joint Statement, in which both countries reached several common understanding and set out future goals. There are five key points worth analyzing.

1. Partnership
In the history of China-US diplomatic history, this is not the first time China and US have proposed to form partnership. During the Clinton Administration, U.S. and China had proposed a higher level of partnership. The Obama Administration¡¯s new proposal is a symbolic gesture of two super nations¡¯ cooperation and stable relationship in this new world power distribution. China-US relations have always been a complicated issue. The proposal in forming a new partnership is a general effort to provide a guideline to fortify and improve the two nations¡¯ diplomatic relationship. The details of cooperation have to be worked out in the future.

2. Anti-Trade Protectionism
Recently, there are some trade conflicts between China and the US caused by local protectionism relating to the two countries¡¯ different national interests. The joint statement between the two nations¡¯ leaders set the goal of opposing any forms of local trade protectionism, aimed to reduce conflicts in the China-US international trade. However, this temporary measure does not mean it will smooth all the trade conflicts in the future. Some trade conflicts are still unavoidable. The two nations still need to explore more practical solutions together.

3. Fight Global Warming
During Obama¡¯s visit, China and US took a positive step toward fighting global climate change and utilize clean energy. That is to establish the China-US Clean Energy Research Center. Both sides have reached detailed investment agreement and determined research projects. The two supper energy consuming nations forming a clean energy research center is a form advance in the environmental field and bring positive impacts to the Copenhagen Conference in December.

4. High Level Military Visits
In the China-US relationship, military conversations seem to be falling behind other aspects of cooperation, such as economic and technology. The Chinese Vice Chairman of Military Committee¡¯s visit to the US in recent time signaled the future high level military cooperation between China and the US. However, in terms of the sensitive issues such as export/import policies can not be solved in a very near future.
5. Human Rights Dialog
During the Bush administration, the two nations had dialogues in regards to human rights. But during the Obama visit, the two nations proposed detailed time frame for the human right dialog in a joint statement. This signals the positive and practical attitudes of the two countries toward solving their differences in the human rights issue. ...

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May I suggest sea cucumber?

Yue Liu, November 17, 2009, Beijing.

Sea cucumber, a strange-looking sea animal that is not familiar to most Western cultures, is considered a delicacy in China and in other Southeast Asian Countries. According to several studies, sea cucumber not only tastes good, but is also very nutrient: high in amino acid, minerals, collagen and vitamins. Chinese people call sea cucumber ¡°Ginseng of the Sea.¡±

Because of its delicacy status in the Asian food culture and the new discovery of its nutrient values, sea cucumber became ever more popular among the customers in Asian countries. Its market price is relatively high compares to other sea foods. There are broad markets and related aquatic product industries for sea cucumbers in East and Southeast Asian countries, with the largest in China.

The sea cucumber industry has already become one of the most productive and profitable aquatic product cultivating industries in China. In 2008, the industry cultivated more than 90,000 tons of sea cucumbers and the industry-wide product value is more than 200 trillions RMB. To regulate this important profitable industry, on Nov. 17, the Sea Cucumber Branch of the China Aquatic Product Distribution and Processing Association was established. The establishment ceremony was held in the form of a sea cucumber promotion conference. Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Ministry of Health were in attendance.

The officials gave speeches at the conference and the agencies promised to ensure the sea cucumber industry¡¯s products and procedures comply with the Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Law and The Law of Food Safety. The purpose of the Association is to supervise the quality and safety of the sea cucumber industry to ensure the sustainable development of the industry. It is good to know that the Chinese and Southeast Asian customers can trust the quality of the sea cucumbers in their plants.

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Asia Legal Business to host summit in Beijing

Lehman, Lee & Xu has been a perennial supporter of the ALB In-house legal summit Beijing since its inception six years ago. Asia¡¯s most respected legal industry publication, Asian Legal Business Magazine, is proud to present ALB In-house legal summit Beijing on 26 November 2009. This special one-day event is tailored to bring together leading senior-level corporate counsel, business leaders and private practice lawyers. Topics being discussed at this year¡¯s summit will include risk and opportunities for Chinese companies in a year of economic transition, employment law developments and the changes Chinese corporations are facing with regards to governance and risk management. The summit will comprise of in depth workshops focusing on the latest legal issues presented by top domestic and international law firms, a managing partner forum that will be exploring Sino-Foreign cooperation where China will be playing a larger Roll and a panel discussion on the vital role of in-house counsel by some of China¡¯s most distinguished and dynamic corporate counsel. The keynote speaker will be Ferheen Mahomed who acts as the Regional General Counsel for Societe Generale. Other distinguished speakers will be representing such firms as Grandall Legal Group, TransAsia Lawyers, Wilson, Sunsini, Goodrich & Rosati, Withers Worldwide, Proctor and Gamble, Shell and The TOM Group.

The event will be held at the Swissotel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center. For further information regarding this event, please visit the events web page at http://beijing.theinhousesummit.com/register/register.aspx...

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(from left to right)

Eddie Hon, Sophie Tan, Lily Han, David Clifton, Suzanne Davies and Edward Lehman

European Lawyers Network (ELN) Attorneys from member firm Joelson Wilson LLP, David Clifton (Partner) and Suzanne Davies (Partner) visited Lehman Lee & Xu at Lehman Lee & Xu¡¯s Beijing office, June 15, 2009.

On June 15, 2009, two attorneys on behalf of ELN and Joelson Wilson LLP visited Lehman Lee & Xu. Two parties discussed to build a strategic alliance to allow both firms' corporate finance and international securities practices to expand their global reach and to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of PRC companies as they seek to enter foreign capital markets and engage in cross-border transactions. The two firms will maintain their separate identities and will serve as co-counsel on specific matters. Two parties believe, even under the present severe international economic situation, China's economy has survived the worst period and is now on its way to recovery. They also believe there will be more and more Chinese enterprises to go public in London exchange or AIM in the near future.

¡°Our domestic Chinese clients have recently become more active in seeking foreign investors to raise capital for their companies. We are confident that Joelson Wilson LLP¡¯s strong corporate and securities practice will complement our firm's strengths in working with Chinese companies and our expertise in the PRC regulatory environment,¡± said Edward Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu. ¡°Two firms can also work together in the area of general corporate, real estate, employment, licensing, gaming and as well as intellectual property. ¡±

¡°We are looking for a reputable firm working together to provide the best, cost-competitive legal services to our clients," said David Clifton, Partner and licensing and gaming attorney of Joelson Wilson LLP.

The two parties consent to join hands and move forward with close cooperation.

Lehman, Lee & Xu, established in 1992, is at the forefront of international law practice in China. The firm has more than 200 lawyers in offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, along with foreign branch offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and Chicago. Over the past sixteen years, the firm has built a strong reputation in banking, foreign direct investment, mergers & acquisitions, international trade and dispute resolution. To learn more about the firm, please visit http://www.lehmanlaw.com/.

Joelson Wilson is a specialist business orientated law firm which has been based in the heart of London's West End for more than 50 years. Joelson Wilson has substantial experience in AIM listings and corporate transactions in the UK, including, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions and foreign direct investment into the UK. To learn more about the firm, please visit http://www.joelsonwilson.com/.

If you are interested in learning more about our service for AIM compliance and/or other legal services, please give us a call at 86-10-8532-1919 to set up a no-fee consultation with Lily Han and Sophie Tan in our Beijing office, or email us at elehman@lehmanlaw.com or mail@lehmanlaw.com, and we would be more than happy to discuss the program with you in more detail.

-Published by Lehman, Lee & Xu, June 16, 2009...

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New Interns at Lehman, Lee & Xu


Senayt Rahwa is a 2007 graduate from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in Finance and International Business. As a Mellon Mays Fellow, her research on racial and ethnic identity and contemporary African immigration was published in the spring of 2007. Additionally, in her post graduate years Senayt had the opportunity to work with the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs exposing her to work in more than 7 sectors in three different cities. Among those, she was able to implement a cross-sector collaborative program for principle leadership training during her time with Boeing as well as working with the largest health care foundations in Missouri to design and implement several new initiatives in inner-city St. Louis. Senayt is currently pursuing her Juris Doctorate at Georgetown University with a concentration in international law.


Eric Langland is a Juris Doctor candidate at Tulane University Law School. His core areas of interest are international trade law, international business transactions and international commercial arbitration. Mr. Langland's primary task this summer involves organizing, researching and writing parts of the trade law treatise Trade and Customs Law of China. In addition to the treatise, Mr. Langland is assisting attorneys in advising foreign businesses on investment enterprise structures in China and reviewing contracts for the sale of goods. Reflecting on his work with US antidumping petitions against Chinese steel producers, Mr. Langland said, "It was interesting to see how the Ministry of Commerce took a lead role in responding to the antidumping petitions. I am also curious to know what the near future holds for China and international trade litigation. It appears that due to the financial crisis more and more industries from developed countries are seeking recourse against Chinese exporters through trade remedies. This trend could have significant consequences for the practice of Chinese international trade law and Sino-US economic ties."


Richard Fleming completed his undergraduate studies at Marist College in New York, where he received a degree in Psychology and International Relations. As a sophomore in college he traveled to Rome, Italy, for an intensive international relations program with St. John¡¯s University. Richard enjoyed traveling so much that during the winter of his senior year at Marist he studied interpersonal communication in Barbados. Before beginning his legal studies at Brooklyn Law School, Richard worked as a corrections counselor for the New York State prison system. He also began development of a web-based business.


Jackson Moller will graduate in May 2010 from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA, USA. He is most interested in international and environmental legal issues. Before attending law school, Jackson served as a Peace Corps Volunteer on a small island called Onoun in Chuuk, Micronesia. During his stay on Onoun, Jackson monitored the nesting habits of sea turtles, read many books, and took even more naps in his hammock. He has also taught SCUBA diving in South East Asia and the Caribbean. Jackson is honored to be part of the Lehman Lee & Xu team in Beijing this summer....

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Lehman, Lee & Xu was asked by the US Viterbo University to host on June 6, 2009, a class of students from various disciplines, including MBA and law programs, visiting Beijing for a research project on Chinese business and culture. The goal of the firm is to educate both Chinese and foreigners on the value of the Chinese rule of law. Viterbo University was established in 1937 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and represents one of the fastest-growing education institutions in the US, providing a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Summer associate Senayt Rahwa discussing labour law issues

Foreign legal counsel Aldo Settimio Boni de Nobili and summer interns Eric Langland and Senayt Rahwa delivered a series of lectures on the Chinese business culture and legal system, analyzing main issues that foreign investors face when investing in the Chinese market and their respective solutions from a law firm¡¯s perspective. The feedback from the students was rewarding for the law firm, which is regularly invited by overseas universities to organize lectures for students on Chinese law and customs. The event also presented a good opportunity for our summer interns Eric and Senayt to develop their public speaking skills and to improve their knowledge of Chinese law.


Summer associate Eric Langland reviewing China investment vehicles

The right approach to the Chinese market, intellectual property protection and a practical understanding of employment law are all issues that China-oriented businesses face. To effectively establish a commercial presence on the Chinese territory, businesses must be knowledgeable in these areas and our presentations work toward this end.


Viterbo University students, professors and directors, and our professionals Aldo Settimio Boni de Nobili (on the right) and Eric Langland (in the middle)...

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Warmest Welcome

We are pleased that we have an intern Mr. Jackson Moller, who is from Boston, to place his internship in our firm since today. Jackson is a Juris Doctor candidate. He will working as intern for the following 8-10 weeks at our Beijing office.


Also pleased that we have an intern Mr. Richard Thomas Fleming, who is from New York, to place his internship in our firm since today. Richard is a Juris Doctor candidate. He will be working as intern at our Beijing office for the following 8 weeks.



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Kelly Zong, lawyer of Lehman, Lee & Xu, gave birth to a lovely baby a few days ago. We are all very excited at the news that a lawyer of the next generation was born. Her baby, although only a few days old, seems to have inherited some of the basic qualities of a lawyer. According to Kelly, although the baby has not yet learned written laws, she does seem to have a knack for natural law. She seems to know that all men are created equal. She seems to know that one of the most important human rights is the ¡°right to an adequate standard of living¡±, and therefore she would cry out without hesitation and fight for milk whenever she is hungry. We all hope that the lovely baby will grow up into a qualified lawyer of the next generation.


http://blawg.lehmanlaw.com/english//uploadfiles/s baby_22661.jpg


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China University of Politics and Law Lehman Law Scholarships Awarded


Last night, Edward Lehman awarded the China University of Politics and Law Lehman Law Scholarship. Ten scholarships were granted to the following students: Liang Jiaolong, Liu Jiaxin, Wang Qingyu, Yin Wen, Tan Yongchao, Guo Hainan, Tang Yiqi, Zhang Yi, Liu Mei, and Qi Dan.

The scholarship winners were selected on the basis of their academic performance, community involvement, and contribution to the university.

Congratulations to this year's China University of Politics and Law Lehman Law Scholarship!


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Congrats to Sinky Tang!

We just wanted to say congrats to our colleague Sinky Tang, who has been appointed to Shanghai Jiang'An District Court. We wish you all the best in your new position!


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ALB China: Finalists for Tax & Trusts Law Firm of the Year!

We're very pleased to announce that ALB China has named us a finalist for the ALB China Law Awards Tax and Trusts Law Firm of the Year! We've won this award three years straight, from 2004 to 2007, so here's to another year of recognition for our internationally-renowned tax and trusts practice.

The ALB China Awards ceremony takes place this year at the Westin Hotel, Shanghai, on April 25, 2008. For more information about the event, please visit the ALB Awards website.


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Lehman, Lee & Xu Assists in Establishment of Unique Sports Organization

Beijing, China - February 18, 2008 ¨C Lehman, Lee & Xu recently assisted Sports Beijing to establish an organization in China. The organization is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality sports and recreational programs to the expatriate/foreign youth of Beijing.

As legal counsel to Sports Beijing, Lehman, Lee & Xu has provided Sports Beijing with legal services to support many of the organization's events and activities.

¡°We provide safe, wholesome, organized and well-staffed activities that invite involvement, develop social and physical skills and keep the expatriate youth of Beijing entertained after school and on weekends. While our programs are designed to meet the needs of the expatriate community, all children and young adults are welcomed into all programs.¡±

To learn more about Sports Beijing, please visit their website at www.sportsbj.com.

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Our Condolences to Pakistan


On December 29, 2007, representatives of Lehman, Lee & Xu visited our neighbors, the Embassy of Pakistan in China, to express our firm's condolences over the assassination of Ms. Benazir Bhutto.


Lehman, Lee & Xu's entry in the Embassy's condolence book.

Commenting on Ms. Bhutto's untimely death, Mr. Lehman said:

I had the pleasure of taking Ms. Bhutto around Beijing many years ago when she was in Beijing for the 4th World Women's conference. She was very statuesque, was only six years my senior, told me she was educated by Christian Missionaries, then at Oxford and Harvard. I knew her briefly but I did recognize then, as now, that she was a real icon for her people and was the first woman leader of a Muslim nation, a long time friend of China.


Lehman, Lee & Xu extends its deepest condolences and sympathy to our friends in Pakistan.


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November 6, 2007


Edward Lehman, managing director of the firm LEHMAN, LEE & XU was invited by Professor Benjamin L. Lieberman, Chairman of Columbia University School of Law's China Law Studies Program, to address the Global Justice Forum, Columbia Law School's Board of Visitors, and Columbia University law students and faculty regarding "Current Developments in Cross Border Litigation". The event comes on the heels of the controversial speech by the President of Iran at Columbia University last month.

Mr. Lehman was a co-presenter with Professor Lieberman and Professor Donald C. Clarke, director of China Law Studies at George Washington School of Law, with the trio discussing efforts to bring products liability and other plaintiff's actions on behalf of Chinese citizens and/or victims of Chinese corporate misconduct both inside and outside of China, including the U.S. action on behalf of Chinese aviation accident victims (Baotou, Inner Mongolia air crash), the Mattel case, the cough syrup case brought in Spain on behalf of Panamanian victims, and the efforts to use plaintiff's litigation mechanisms in China's own courts.

The event was covered by local and international media, including Newsweek, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal , and many questions were asked of panellists regarding the recent apology by Mattel for the company's design and quality assurance failures, and whether Edward Lehman will lead an action on behalf of Chinese OEM's against Mattel in the United States. Independent of this event, Mr. Lehman has stated that, "The time is right to bring these actions against companies like Bombardier, GE and Mattel in Chinese courts to hold them accountable to the Chinese legal system," indicating the firm's intention to launch the Baotou air crash matter in Chinese rather than US courts.

Other notable speakers at the Global Justice Forum were David M. Schizer, Dean and the Lucy G. Moses Professor of Law, Columbia Law School and Robert L. Lieff, founder of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP, a graduate of Columbia Law School and a recent donor of USD 4 million for funding of a Global Justice chair at Columbia Law School. (Robert Lieff, one of America's most successful plaintiff's lawyers and Edward Lehman have been long time friends and collaborators over the years.)

LEHMAN, LEE & XU is a founding member of the Global Justice Forum, a world-wide network of lawyers, academics and law firms who work together to promote justice and transparency in legal systems and matters through out the world. Edward Lehman is a member of the Global Justice Forum's Board of Governors and has been a speaker on China issues at meetings in London, Paris and Rome.

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Edward Lehman nominated for Practical Law Company's Life Sciences Handbook

October 21, 2007

Edward Lehman was nominated for inclusion in the latest edition of Practical Law Company's Life Sciences Handbook. The book features a number of sections, including articles, Q and A, rankings of leading life sciences lawyers and bios of leading experts. Mr. Lehman has been ranked as a leading life sciences lawyer in China by the Practical Law Company for five years.

Practical Law Company is a top legal publication known for their Which Lawyer? rankings, which rank leading lawyers into various practice areas. To view the 2006-2007 Life Sciences handbook, please visit this link.

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Mr. Edward Lehman at the Practicing Law Institute in New York City

Mr. Edward Lehman was a featured speaker at a conference entitled ¡°Doing Business in China: Resolving the Challenges in Today's Environment." The conference was hosted by the Practicing Law Institute in New York City on October 2nd, 2007. Mr. Lehman presented on the topics of Foreign Direct Investment and Private Equity and M&A activity.

Other conference topics included discussions of the new private property law, intellectual property enforcement, and arbitration and arbitral awards. Presenters included Edmund Duffy, Partner in Charge of Asian Offices for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom; Dr. Zhou Xiaolin, Partner with the New York office of Jun He; Q. Adam Li, Partner-in-charge of Jun He's Shanghai office; and Peter Guang Chen, Partner at International Tax Chinese Services Group USA.

Mr. Liu Zhen Min, Ambassador of the P.R. China Mission to the United Nations, was a guest speaker at the conference and discussed his predictions for China¡¯s future economic and social development. Generally optimistic about China¡¯s prospects, Ambassador Liu also addressed questions on the recent changes and harmonization of China income tax code, the future of the high tech industry, and the protection of the China¡¯s environment.

The conference was well attended by several thousand attorneys.

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Lehman, Lee and Xu recognized as a top IP firm in China


Patent, Trademark and Copyright professionals of LEHMAN, LEE & XU at INTA meeting in Chicago 2007. The firm delegation was the largest number of IP lawyers to attend the event from the People's Republic of China.

The results are in on the Managing IP¡¯s World IP Survey: once again, LEHMAN, LEE & XU ranks among the top Chinese firms in patent prosecution, patent contentious, trademark prosecution, and trademark/copyright contentious.

LEHMAN, LEE & XU¡¯s patent prosecution practice is led by PRC patent attorneys Lucy Wang and Frank Chen. The firm¡¯s patent dispute practice is led by PRC attorneys Wang Donghui and Ryan Tang, who also leads the trademark/copyright contentious practice with PRC attorney and trademark agent Grace Wang.

Congratulations to our patent, trademark, and copyright team!

Managing IP¡¯s World IP Survey 2007 is one of the world's most extensive surveys of the global IP market.


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YouTube Video of Shenzhen Office

September 7, 2007 - by Greg

LEHMAN, LEE & XU recently released a video featuring its office in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. The short video shows clips of the office and its staff. The office is led by Mr. Edward Lehman, the firm's managing director, and Mr. Aidan Hwuang and Mr. Ryan Beers, who were all excited to see the finished product.

To view the film, please click here.

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United States Embassy Selects Lehman, Lee & Xu

August 13, 2007 - by Charlotte Fernee

The United States Embassy has selected Lehman, Lee & Xu from every Chinese law firm in Beijing to assist and give counsel for their labor and employment law issues in China.

Ground was broken February 10, 2004 for what Charles E. Williams, Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations described as, "The largest single construction project undertaken by the Department of State on foreign soil." Chinese subcontractors are providing much of the labor, and building materials are of both American and Chinese origin. The entire planning and construction process for the new Embassy is occurring simultaneously with the planning for a new Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, underscoring the words of Ambassador Clark T. Randt, Jr: "The United States' bilateral relationship with China may well be the most important relationship in the world today." Expected completion of the new Embassy will be in time for the 2008 Olympics.


The Embassy has retained the Lehman law firm to review the China Mission Locally Employed Staff Handbook and determine whether it is compliant with local labor regulations, to review drafts of the Embassy's contract agreements with the DSB and advise if there are clauses in the contract that expose the China Mission to unnecessary liabilities, and to provide advice regarding local pension and supplementary pension program regulations. Lehman, Lee & Xu will also provide advice regarding the use of offshore pension programs, and regarding local laws as they relate to benefits such as the heating allowance and other requirements. They will also provide legal counsel in matters relating to labor disputes as necessary.

Lehman, Lee & Xu recently hosted the Director-General of the International Labor Organization, Juan Somavia, for a presentation of China's new Labor Contract Law, which will be implemented January 1, 2008. This new law will affect every employment relationship in China, as it creates new rights for every employee.

Lehman Affairs 1 Comment August 13, 2007, 4:13 pm

Director-General of the International Labor Organization (ILO) visits Lehman, Lee & Xu to learn about new Labor Contract Law

August 10, 2007 - by Greg

Juan Somav¨ªa, Director-General of ILO, the Ambassador of Chile Fernando Reyes and his first secretary Gloria Cid, visited Lehman, Lee & Xu's Beijing office yesterday to obtain advice and information about the new Labor Contract Law that will enter into effect in January 2008.

Mr. Juan Somav¨ªa was elected to serve as the ninth Director-General of the ILO by the Governing Body on 23 March 1998. His five-year term of office began on 4 March 1999, when he became the first representative from the Southern hemisphere to head the organization. In March 2003, Mr. Somav¨ªa was re-elected for a second five-year term. An attorney by profession, he has held many positions in the United Nations and other inter-governmental organizations before joining the ILO, such as the Presidency of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen.


The General Director of the Firm, Edward E. Lehman along with the members of the Spanish Department hosted the visitors, by offering a presentation about the new Labor Contract Law. Afterwards they met to casually discuss the imminent effects of the new law on China's labor and social unrest. Both Somav¨ªa and Lehman emphasized that harmonizing interests of all players involved will result in better enforcement of the new law. "Governmental authorities, labor unions and workers should find a balance to effectively enforce the law. This is the only way to guarantee an effective implementation of the law in the future", Somav¨ªa stated.


Juan Somav¨ªa will be in Beijing this week where he will participate along with Tian Chengping, the Minister of Labor and Social Security of China, in a seminar titled "Growth Employment and Decent Work", from August 13th to 15th.

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Lehman, Lee & Xu Announces New Initiative to Assist NGOs in China

August 3, 2007 - by Greg

China's economy has been growing at a tremendous pace over the past several decades. However, social initiatives and consciousness have not developed at a corresponding rate and lags significantly behind economic change. Such a situation requires the assistance of NGOs and other charitable organizations.

At the instructions of managing partner, Edward Lehman, Lehman, Lee & Xu has commenced the new initiative to assist NGOs in China. The firm has been involved in a number of similar projects in which it has assisted charitable/non-governmental organizations to obtain tax-exempt status, which is relatively new in this growing natiion. Lehman, Lee & Xu would like to play a small role in this effort through providing low-cost legal services to these organizations.

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Lehman, Lee & Xu Hosts Summer Clerk Reception

August 3, 2007 - by Charlotte

Lehman, Lee & Xu hosted a reception for Summer Law Clerks yesterday at Sunflower Restaurant and Caf¨¦ in Doncheng district, Beijing.

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The Italian Touch!

July 4, 2007 - by Webmaster

Lehman, Lee & Xu welcomes Miss Valentina Salmoiraghi, an associate of the Italian law firm Carone & Partners to its Beijing office as manager of the firms' Italian Desk in China. Since June 15th, she has been in charge of supporting the team of Italian and Chinese attorneys put together by Carone & Partners and Lehman, Lee & Xu to represent Italian Clients in China.


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Ooops...Edward Lehman did it again!

June 12, 2007 - by Blawgmaster

Edward Lehman, the Managing Director of the firm, has once again been recognised as one of the most highly acclaimed legal experts in Asia in the annual Asialaw Leading Lawyers Survey.

Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to him for his well-deserved success and unparalleled leadership.

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Anne's last day at Lehman Lee & Xu

April 29, 2007 - by Diana & Steven

This blog entry is to bid farewell to Anne who has come to the end of her internship at Lehman Lee and Xu. The farewell party for Anne was a lovely occasion held in a Japanese restaurant, with a Japanese style table set in a pagoda with Japanese carp swimming around, it had meant a good send off for Anne. Through her hard work and dedication within the company and as part of the team of interns. We the interns and staff will miss Anne, and can only wish her all the best for the future.
- Steven Kuo



Last Thursday was the last working day for a petite French girl named Anne who has, after 6 months, come to the end of her journey at Lehman, Lee & Xu. We said goodbye to her with a farewell lunch at a delicious Japanese restaurant of her choice. No tears were shed; we were stronger than that. But coming from someone who has sat next to her for the past 4 months, I will miss her dearly. She is to me much more than a good colleague, a good team member, but also a close friend. Her absence here will be felt. And I think I speak for everyone when I say do not forget Anne.
- Diana Wang




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LLX-GALA Advertising Seminar - from the Newsroom

November 17, 2006 - by Anne, Steven and Robin

Lehman, Lee & Xu organised one of the biggest advertising seminars in China this year in association with the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance entitled "Insight, Challenges and Opportunities for Growth" on 9 November 2006 at the China World Hotel, Beijing. More than 100 guests from different backgrounds and industries turned up for the prestigious event. Here are some of the snapshots taken during the event.




To see more of these and to find out what happened at the event, please click here

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Sports event for Lehman Lee and Xu employees

On Thursday 14th of Sept, Lehman Lee and Xu gathered for the fist exciting badminton, table tennis and pool opening, for its employees, where such star player as Will Fung (foreign Counselor) took the spot light in badminton and Simon Chen (Legal Translator) at pool and Tim Meng (Partner) and Lillian Yang (office Manager) at table tennis. After such a satisfying gathering of talent ranging from ladies singles and doubles, to men's singles and doubles at armature to pro levels, Lehman lee and Xu will now be holding this for employees every week, please feel free to come and join us. smile.gif






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