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shanghai's software industry continues to surge

Attracted by the flourishing software industry in Shanghai, the most prestigious international academic summit on the software industry, the 28th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 30, 2006, 10:14 am

Mackrell International Annual Meeting

On the 17th of May, Lehman, Lee & Xu organized the annual meeting for Mackrell International. Mackrell International is a lawyer organisation, with members from over 100 countries. For this event ...

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More on Mass Cases

I spoke with a lawyer in our firm about the ¡°opinion¡± published by ACLA. This lawyer is handling several mass cases. His opinion of the article was hands-down negative. Words used to describe the ne...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 25, 2006, 3:10 pm

Mass Cases in China

Chinese lawyers are being clamped down on for¡­ having a conscience.

It seems that the All-China Lawyers Association (ACLA), the Chinese equivalent of the American Bar Association, issued a notice...

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Chinese Lawyers Want Their Market Back

What happens when there is a legal gray area? Well, people step into it¡ªespecially when the gray area happens to be a law that defines what a lawyer can and cannot do in China. The law states that ...

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Imagine a big meeting filled with trademark lawyers.

A lot of suits in one room. Not very exciting. That¡¯s what I thought to myself when I went to interview Lucy Chang, one of the 18 lawyers ...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 17, 2006, 1:28 pm

Lehman breakfasts with Chicago Mayor

Richard M. Daley has been mayor of Chicago for 17 years. He¡¯s won his last four elections by ¡°overwhelming margins¡± and has worked to rethink and redesign many of the cities¡¯ issues, from educati...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 17, 2006, 10:46 am

China and India

China and India are the rising stars of this generation. Before them it was Japan, and before Japan it was America. But this time two stars rise together, with about 1/3 of the world¡¯s population i...

China Blawg (en) 1 Comment May 17, 2006, 10:43 am

ALB China Law Awards 2006 OFFICIAL WINNERS

ALB China Law Awards 2006


Event Order:

Insurance Firm of the Year
AllBright Law Offices

Insolvency & Restructuring Firm of t...

China Blawg (en) 1 Comment May 12, 2006, 9:27 am

Educating Migrant Workers' Children

People move. When the grass is greener on the other side, entire communities have and will uproot and make an exodus¡ªand this well before Moses. Now, nations are making it illegal to migrate and so...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 8, 2006, 2:45 pm

China - fast and innovative?

For most of the nineteen-eighties and -nineties, it would have been out of the question to ever imagine anyone characterizing Chinese enterprises as being either innovative or fast, not to mention bot...

China Blawg (en) 0 Comment May 8, 2006, 2:36 pm