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Franchising in China

A report on the current situation of franchising in China.

Since [b][url=http://www.haynesboone.com/FILES/tbl_s12PublicationsHotTopics/PublicationPDF60/1464/zwisler-%20china%20franchise%20law.pdf ]...

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Big Fashion Fights Beijing's Big Markets

This entry discusses the battle between major fashion designers and Beijing markets over the protection of trademarks.

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R. Wageman presents at CPLU

Richard Wageman presented on Commercial Agreements at the China University of Politics and Law last Friday. Mr. Wageman taught the students about how to to analyze and prepare a sound commercial agre...

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Pirates vs. Innovation

This entry is about how pirating goods is actually a drain on China's


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New Rules on Chinese Foreign Investment

This entry is about a new law that allows Chinese banks and qualified
investors to put the Chinese people's money to work outside of China--with

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Working for free against labor law

The Shanghai Labor and Social Security bereau is worried about the number of jobseekers offering to work for free in order to get their foot in the door at a company in hopes of eventually being offer...

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