The strike at the Toyota plant in Tianjin

Workers at the Toyota automotive manufacturing plant in Tianjin agreed to resume work on Sunday morning in exchange for a pay raise of 200 yuan a month. This represented a 13 percent improvement over their existing salaries, short of the 20 percent they had demanded at the outset of the three-day strike. It was unclear how many of the plant¡¯s 1,300 workers had accepted the offer, and whether their return to work indicated a permanent acceptance of the deal, or merely a temporary reprieve.

Workers organized the strike over the internet, and the company offered a 17 percent raise before the strike even began. The workers typically receive a 15 percent annual raise. Edward E. Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu, commented that ¡°labor disputes are an unfortunate byproduct of the expanding Chinese manufacturing sector.¡± Furthermore, he added that he ¡°remains optimistic¡± that firms will be able to negotiate equitable wages for workers in the future ¡°without resorting to strikes that threaten to interrupt global supply chains.¡±

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