On April 21, 2010, China's Supreme People¡¯s Court issued a white paper, in both English and Chinese, entitled, "Intellectual Property Protection by Chinese Courts in 2009." It is made up of four sections in addition to the preface and the conclusion:

I. Fair and Efficient Adjudication of Intellectual Property Cases According to Law has Made the Judicial System a Leading Force in Intellectual Property Protection

II. Judicial Protection for Intellectual Property has Served the Needs of Socioeconomic Development and has Observed and Delivered the National Intellectual Property Strategy

III. Enhanced Judicial Supervision and Guidance has Created Greater Consistency in Adjudication Practices and Decision-Making

IV. Capacity Building for Intellectual Property Judges has Improved Judicial Competence and Quality

¡°This paper provides a general outline of China¡¯s protection of intellectual property for the past 30 years,¡± Edward E. Lehman, Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu. ¡°By reading this paper, you will have a better idea of what China¡¯s courts have done in the past and where they are heading for in the near future in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property in China.¡±

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