Police Chief Under Investigation for Corruption

As a testament to both the level of corruption present throughout China, and the governments dedication to rooting out such corruption; Chinese prosecutors continue to present startling evidence against Wen Qiang the former police chief of Chongqing Province. Wen is charged with accepting bribes, possessing suspicious assets, protecting gangs, and the repeated rape of a college girl.

As the evidence amounts, a portrait of rampant and extensive corruption begins to appear. Investigators found that Wen¡¯s total assets and spending reached 30.94 million yuan. Of this Wen and his family could only account for 4.08 million yuan in legal income. 16.25 million yuan were confirmed to be gained illegally, while 10.62 million remains unaccounted for.

A total of just over 15. million yuan was gained through bribes from 19 organizations or individuals given to Wen on 119 separate occasions from 1996 to 2009, when Wen was deputy director of the municipal's police bureau or director of its justice bureau.

In addition over 700,000 yuan was accepted between 2000 and 2008 from six bosses of mafia-style organizations, who have been convicted or are under prosecution.

The investigation also found that Wen¡¯s spending accounts are equally as ¡°dirty¡± with over 120,000 yuan being spent on prostitution.

Locals told China Daily they were "shocked by the immense sum of dirty money" that had been amassed.¡± One local taxi driver said that ¡°He must receive a heavy punishment. Nothing else can pacify people's anger,"

While the extent of this type of corruption is widespread throughout China, the government should be commended for cracking down on corrupt officials like Wen. This investigation shows that China recognizes the problem posed by corruption and is dedicated to reducing its presence in government.

Edward Lehman managing director of Lehman, Lee and Xu, said that ¡°This move is one of the many signals indicating that China is committed to eliminating corruption and expanding the rule of law throughout all aspects of the nation.¡±

-Alexander Pan

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