Expo Expectations: Shanghai

Similar to most other major cities in China, Shanghai is experiencing a wealth of development and investment being pumped into the city. Expected to exponentially increase foreign and domestic investment in Shanghai is the upcoming World Expo, set to take place May through October. Predicted to grow between 9 and 10% thanks to the Expo, Shanghai¡¯s economy will benefit enormously from the increase in demands for restaurants, hotels, transportation, and retail. The 70 million people anticipated to visit the city will further its already impressive economic growth and status as a Chinese financial capital. Shanghai businesses should strive to retain the investment its visitors will soon offer and use this opportunity to consolidate its reputation as a world leader. Extremely supportive of these opportunities that the Expo will bring, Lehman, Lee, and Xu¡¯s dedicated Shanghai team offers a range of legal advice to both domestic and international companies to aid them with their ventures and legal concerns in Shanghai.

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