Second Alleged Mercury Poisoning from Sprite

A 13 year-old boy was rushed to the hospital January 17th to treat mercury poisoning allegedly contracted from a can of Sprite. The Coca-Cola product was purchased by the boy from a supermarket in the Tongzhou district, where the remaining products have since been sealed off by the police. Although he faces sequelae and possible infertility, the boy has been released from the hospital. This is BeijingĄ¯s second case in 3 months of mercury poisoning allegedly resulting from consuming canned Sprite. After inspecting its own manufacturing and production equipment, Coca-Cola insists its quality management system is safe and in line with Chinese quality standards. Although the police are conducting their own inspection, it may take some time before a comprehensive production, transportation, and distribution analysis is made. A comparison should be made between both cans of Sprite in the mercury cases, including date, place, and means of distribution. However, it is also necessary to thoroughly investigate the original stores in which the Sprite was purchased and to take caution when deciding where to purchase drinks. Coca-Cola, however, insists these are individual cases.

Morgan Crank

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