Tourist giveaway

Fancy a trip to the Summer Palace?

¡­or the Temple of Heaven, or the Badaling Great Wall? Well, you could stand the chance of winning entry to such locations, and others during the Chinese¡¯s Spring Festival with a free giveaway.

Beijing¡¯s tourism authority,, are planning on distributing 300,000 free e-tickets to 32 of Beijing¡¯s premier tourist attracts, beginning from February 12, 2010. All applicants need do is visit the above website, fill in personal details, including mobile phone, and select their three preferences in tourist location. A mobile phone can only be registered once, and lucky winners are required to redeem their tickets between February 14, and March 15 2010.

China¡¯s tourism industry is expected to make 1.4 trillion RMB in 2010, as the number of domestic trips increase. Also as a result of inexpensive flights to Beijing, Shanghai and other mainland cities, China is becoming top destination for foreign tourists.

Such a move allows for more citizens to experience and visit their cultural background. With sites such as the Great Wall, I feel that pictures do not give this magnificent structure enough credit; you really need to get out there, and see it with your own eyes, to realise what an amazing feet of architecture it really is!

China¡¯s boom in domestic tourism was highlighted upon in a recent NY Times article.

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