Spring Festive purchasing surge

With Chinese New Year just around the corner high end market liquor producers are experiencing rocketing sales.

The Chinese Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year) begins on February 14th, with most people in mainland China enjoying seven days off work from February 13th until February 19th for the New Year celebrations. The exchange of gifts upon such a cultural significant day is commonplace. Gifts range from money to gifting tea, and cakes. 2009 has experienced a surge in the purchasing of expensive branded liquor. Moutai 53, retailing at 735 RMB per a bottle, is one such example of good quality liquor in high demand. Sales of Moutai store in Mudanyuan expects sale of 4 million RMB during 2009 festive season.

2009 marks a diverse change from the Spring Festival of 2008 where the industry experienced suffered a slump in sales, which may have been attributed to the effects of the global downturn. This year however, there appears to be direct correlation between China¡¯s growing GDP with the amount of money being spent on liquor. Some believe that this trend, in high demand for such liquors, is likely to increase throughout the year as China¡¯s economy continues to pick up steam and momentum.

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