Patent applications increase 18%

The State Intellectual Property Office (¡°SIPO¡±) recorded an 18% increase of patent applications from 2008 numbers.

From statistical data outlined on the SIPO¡¯s website, 976,686 patent applications were received for the year 2009, where as 828,328 were received for 2008. The figure is the cumulative total for invention patents, utility models, and design patents, including both domestic and foreign applications.

Such data highlights the steady increase of domestic applications since 2006. Nearly 90% of the total number of patent applications received in 2009 were in respect of domestic filers, where as in 2006, this figure was only 82%.

As highlighted by some of our previous postings, China recently enacted the third amendment to the PRC¡¯s Patent Law, which became effective on October 1, 2009. This amendment was in line with the National IP Strategy, which looked to revise and update China¡¯s IPR regime.

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Further details can be located on the SIPO¡¯s website at the following location:

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