Drug traffickers new target

Alarming tales of young Chinese women being targeted to traffic drugs into China are coming to light at an increasing rate.

What individuals believe to be a mere collection of packages for their ¡°boyfriend¡±, in fact turns out to contain an illegal substance. More worryingly it appears that the problem is increasing through the use of the internet, and online dating. Most who are targeted claim that they are unaware that the packages contain any illegal content.

Monitoring the borders, China Customs deals with incidents such as these, and also the transportation of drugs through the postal and special delivery services.

During January to November 2009, China¡¯s public security forces arrested 82,000 drug suspects, and cracked 70,000 drugs case. The year 2009 also attributed to Customs seizing over 2000 Kg of drugs through its effective monitoring of drug trafficking. The Chinese judiciary enforce a strict application of the law in respect of drug related offences.

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