Guangzhou karaoke bars face the music

Guangzhou liaison office of the China Audio and Video Association has taken steps to stop KTV bar operators and VOD technology suppliers from using unauthorized music. The office recently appealed to the city's copyright bureau to take action against suspected bar operators and suppliers. The bureau has urged two KTV bar operators in the city to take part in an administrative investigation and has joined forces with the municipal cultural market comprehensive execution team and public security bureau to investigate two karaoke VOD suppliers to confiscate their products and business documents.

Amy Yang, of Lehman, Lee and Xus, has commented that ¡°KTV bar operators have always been the loser in the lawsuits launched by the Association. However, operators still try to escape royalty payments through various techniques. That strategy may not work any longer since the Association has taken more proactive measures to defend artists¡¯ copyright. This is part of a broader crackdown on intellectual property infringement in China¡±.

Guangzhou karaoke bars face the music(China Daily)

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