Ministry of Culture Shanghai: Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Week

As part of its celebration of World IP day on April 26, 2008, Shanghai will hold an Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Week from April 20 to 26. The focus of this year's Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Week is on audio-visual piracy.

According to the China Intellectual Property Network (via Shanghai Intellectual Property Training Center - Chinese), all levels of government departments will be promote intellectual property protection awareness by participating in seminars, forums, and training courses; and also by advertising in all forms of broadcast, print and online media.

As part of Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Week, inspections on street vendors selling audio-visual goods will intensify with a push to destroy pirated audio-visual goods.

WIPO has an extensive listing (English-language) of the activities in Beijing and Shanghai in celebration of World IP day. Of interest is the major conference in Shanghai, but our Google searches aren't turning anything up, and the U. S. Consulate Shanghai website isn't working in our browser at the moment.

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