Foreign polluters targeted by Chinese Government

September 24, 2007 ¨C by Ryan Beers

The Shenzhen Daily last week reported on recent inspections made on foreign companies manufacturing in China. The China Government has also warned that foreign companies will be increasingly targeted for illegal discharge of pollutants from hereon.

Excerpts from the article read that the Government impose ¡°equally harsh penalties¡± on ¡°domestic and foreign companies¡± on violating companies, this approach being taken after finding two overseas firms violating environmental rules in a random inspection.

¡°The inspection found earlier this year that Unilever China and the China branch of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. were discharging wastewater with a higher chemical content than permitted¡±.

Lehman, Lee & Xu, in response to this latest development, encourages all foreign companies using chemical processes or producing discharge of whatever nature to conduct an audit of required Commercial and Safe Production licensing and the terms attached to such licenses.

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