Face to Face with No.13 Typhoon

Septemper 19, 2007-- Maggie Xu

This morning when I opened my mailbox, an email sent by our gentle HR manager arouse my attention: our Shanghai office will be closed today because of Typhoon. I am not a person who is quite sensitive to the weather because the worst weather here in Beijing is no more than heavy rain or sandstorm, which would not greatly affect our daily life. But this time I obviously felt the No.13 Typhoon is not a usual one.

"When the typhoon comes, pay attention to the weather, go out less; close your doors and windows, watch out for falling objects; if water enters, turn off your power source to prevent electric shock; when the roads flood, avoid passing through flooded areas to avoid an accident." you can see such warnings and reminders everywhere and it is reported that the No.13 Typhoon will become the worst Typhoon in China since 1997.

I sincerely wish every colleague in Shanghai Office will be ok and after the No.13 Typhoon passed, and i am eager to listen to the feelings and experience from my shanghai colleagues of directly confronting it.

Typhoon, here in China, are given serial numbers like Typhoon No.1, Typhoon No.2; whereas in the U.S there is another name defining strong and destructive wind: hurricane. In general, hurricanes are named alphabetically and given the names of people like Hurricane Camille, Hurricane Betsy and so on.

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