How to acquire happiness?

September 13, 2007 - by Maggie Xu

Happiness is a must in life. Each and every one of us is longing for happiness. But what on earth is happiness? And how can we obtain happiness?

We may find it difficult to find a universal definition of the concept of happiness. A sick person is likely to deem health the thing that will most likely bring him or her happiness; a lonely heart tends to regard genuine love from other human beings as the greatest happiness; and a man confined to a wheelchair will have no other wish than to walk like a normal person. Evidently, 1000 people will have 1000 different definitions of happiness. It depends more, in my opinion, on our attitude towards life.

A sense of happiness comes mostly from our inner feelings rather than things we possess. I draw this conclusion from the fact that many people who have a relatively easy and wealthy life are not essentially happy, but others, on the contrary, who have suffered a great deal remain happy. So who dare say a penniless beggar is less happy than a millionaire?

Nowadays lots of people, in order to get so called "better and decent life" tend to go to extremes, and frantically pursue money, power, high social status, etc., but almost all of them feel unhappy even they have already acquired many things. It is all right to try hard to get what we want, but the thing is we should not forget what our ultimate goal is. We should bear in mind this all the time when we are on the way to pursue our happiness.

We all wish to obtain happiness. Here are two secrets from my view: the first is gratitude. You may find that all happy people are grateful. Maintaining a grateful state of mind will bring about more a sense of satisfaction. The second secret is realizing that true happiness is derived from "giving" instead of "taking". Only you give things to others , can you get gratitude and respect and of course obtain a sense of happiness.

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  • 1. Maggie Han  |  September 18, 2007, 4:17 pm

    Everyone wishes to obtain happiness. But everyone has personal standard of happiness. Please enjoy your happiness with your plain heart.

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