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March 20, 2007 - by Ryan

A Chinese company has been prohibited from selling plots of land on the moon!

I can't imagine why. It certainly does not sound within the spirit of the recent advances made by the National People's Congress to China's property law.

Back in September 2005, a Beijing-based company, "Lunar Embassy to China", offered customers one acre plots of land on the moon for the very reasonable price of 298 yuan, and managed to offload 49 acres in only its first three days of business. On Friday March 16, after a relatively brief court battle, the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court ruled that no individual or state could claim ownership of the moon.

Follow this link for Sina's report on the amusing legal battle.

The CEO behind the "Lunar Embassy to Beijing" did not end his sales campaign there. Click here to see what else he has been trying to flog recently.

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