100+ Beijing Lawyers Rendering Pro-Bono Advise

October 29, 2006 - by Will

According to a report from the Beijing Youth Daily, a group of Beijing based criminal lawyers volunteered their precious Sunday morning by participating in a street pro-bono legal consultations to the general public at Xidan Cultural Square. The said event was organized by the All China Lawyers Association.

The volunteer lawyers rendering advises with regard to criminal defense, procedures, trials as well as the rights of accused persons in general.

When interviewed, one of the organizers explained that the purpose of having such event is to raise the awareness of rights accorded to accused, for majority of the public are still pretty ignorant about the general criminal procedure in the mainland.

The theme of this event: "Understanding criminal defense, helping yourselves and others" includes activities like seminars, public lectures, entering to the community, one to one consultation from 9.00am to 4.00pm.

This is something which ought to be promoted amongst the legal practitioners, for law practice is not just about billable hours, it is good for the soul and mind of an individual being able to reach out to the society at large.

A big congratulations to those volunteers in sacrificing their precious time, a very noble deed worth learning!

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