Over 70,000 Passengers Take "Roof of the World"

The Qinghai Tibet Railway on the "roof of the world" has transported more than 70,000 passengers to Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, since it opened to traffic on July 1, a railway official said on Wednesday. Chief Coordinator Zhang Xiqing of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway company told a press conference held Wednesday that from July 1 to 31, trains departing from Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Xi'ning cities carried 71,460 passengers to Lhasa, and brought back 73,240. Over the past month, tourists have filled 97 percent of seats on trains to Lhasa every day, said Zhang.
Li Jincheng, vice governor of Qinghai, told the press that the opening of Qinghai-Tibet Railway had boosted tourism development in Qinghai Province on the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. A total of 1.63 million tourists visited Qinghai Province in the past month, 34 percent more than the figure for the same period last year, generating tourism revenue of 818 million yuan (about US$1.02 million).

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  • 1.jennifer  |  August 9, 2006, 6:00 pm

    The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, unveiling the charm of the sky-borne snow mountains of the Himalayas, the beauty of the boundless grassland lit with wild flowers and the mystery of the Potala Palace and many other pilgrimages, not only inspires but also further encourages more people to touch the Roof of the World. Economically, just as the above report says, it will greatly "boost tourism development" and generally better the life of the people in the far backward areas, part of the wild west of China, but this project certainly sounds more romantic than the Three Gorges Dam across the Yangze River.

    Given the rosy picture described above, I would like to present a white pure silk Hada to share the joys and expectation for a better future, and at the same time, I may burn a joss stick to gods and pray that the original ecology would not be disturbed, as this piece of peaceful land will be swarming with more and more tourists, investors and speculative traders. I am not an environmentalist, but I do hope the development of tourism, trade or any other forms of industry will all be environment-friendly.

    May the sky of the Tibet be always blue and the snow lotus bloom forever!

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