Working for free against labor law

The Shanghai Labor and Social Security bereau is worried about the number of jobseekers offering to work for free in order to get their foot in the door at a company in hopes of eventually being offered paid position.
Eventhough graduates are eager to find a job, such agreements are illegal, as the city's labor law sets the minimum wage at 6 yuan an hour (75 US cents).
While the bereau says it is impossible to get exact numbers on how many recent graduates are offeirng to take unpaid jobs to impress potential employers, during a citywide job fair in the beginning of April, several recent graduates asked about working for free.
Nevertheless it seems like this is not a good way to impress future employers. HR managers say that people who offer to do non-paid probation work tend to leave them with the impression that they have poor working ability or lack confidence. So how should poor newly graduates get their foot into the hard market out there?wink.gif

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