A 20 Story Toilet

Just a funny story I heard today.

So you are an American business and you want to rent office space. So you look around and settle on a modern looking high rise in Beijing. It's got all the internet connections you need, great views of the city (or smog, depending on the day) , and great location.

Then you go and register your company and your registration is rejected. Why? Because the address of your office building was originally and is still legally the address of a toilet.

Now, I don't blame the Chinese government for rejecting you in setting up a business in a toilet, in fact, it makes perfect sense, we just don't do business that way in China.

What astonishes me is that some builder had the nerve to apply to the government to build a restroom and then build a modern high rise instead! And then rent out his high rise bathroom to people!

Ahhhh, China, I love it! But if you are renting a place here, make sure you aren't living in a toilet.

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  • 1. Informed Beijinger  |  August 6, 2009, 8:46 am

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